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Ride Report: Slough Country Ramble, 22 Feb 2020

It was another beautiful “It might be spring” day here in Portland, sunny, high of 56F/13C. No excuses for staying inside. We had maybe thirty riders at the start! Such a good turnout for the 2020 Slough Country Ramble.

From the Parkrose/Sumner Transit Center, we rode eastward, pausing at Luuwit View Park, one of my favorites in the city. Then eastward for the first bit of rough stuff at Wilkes Creek Natural Area, the only free-flowing stream into the Columbia Slough. Then a bit north to actually see the durn Columbia Slough, including the Kayak Launch and the wetlands near Airport Way. We also explored a super obscure path that went under Airport Way on possibly the easternmost explorable section of the Slough, and then another secret path around Little Four Corners.

At that point, we were getting all hungry and thirsty, so we terminated the ride at Level Brewing. It was an enjoyable 11 mile romp, and most people got to see areas of this city they didn’t know existed.

Maybe I’ll do another Slough Ramble sometime later in the year…

Route of the ride here.

Look! It’s Stasia! 🙂

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