Reminder: Slough Country Ramble this Saturday, February 22nd

Hello friends! Looks like we are in for a week of dry weather. Hopefully this will stick around through the weekend for this Saturday’s Slough Country Ramble!

This approximately 15 mile ride will feature sleepy reaches of this waterway, plus other secret spots. Not a loop but will end near transit/food/beverages. We’ll meet at Parkrose/Sumner Transit Center at 11 AM (meet in front of the bridge to the MAX platform) and roll out at 11:30.

Some notes:

  • Since folks have asked, we’ll end anywhere from about 5 to 10 miles from the start point, though it could even be longer. We encourage people to ride or take transit to the start point, rather than drive. We start a lot of our rides at MAX stations so you can. Not having to get back to a parked car means you are more flexible when the ride ends, so you can either ride or take transit back home. We understand that some folks may be coming from further away, so driving may be needed. But if not, consider not driving to the ride.
  • The whole adventure can take two to three hours. Estimated (not guaranteed) end time will be 1:30-2:30, not counting end point refreshments and conversation. We are most likely not going to end near where you need to be, so it would be prudent to budget another 90 minutes to two hours of return time.
  • The Columbia Slough area is fairly flat. But there may be a busy segment of road or two, and there will definitely be some unpaved action. You don’t need super-wide tires, but width and traction wouldn’t hurt, and be prepared for mud. Also, be prepared to walk your bike for a few sections.
  • And even though this is labeled a Slough Ramble, we’ll maybe see the Slough for 50% or less of the ride. We will be doing a lot of exploring around it, including some stuff I have not included on a ride before. So, be prepared for action!

I love to hear from you! Please note that all comments are manually moderated. I usually approve comments within 48 hours.

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