No Three Speed Adventure April for 2020

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello, friends of Three Speeds. Right about now is when I’m usually seriously thinking about the Three Speed Adventure April Challenge. But after some contemplation, I am not going to be doing this challenge in 2020. I’ll still do Three Speed October, but for now, consider a separate challenge in April off the table. (There will still be a local Three Speed Tour here in Portland that month, details soon.)

When I started the challenges back in 2016, it was a way to generate fun and interest in three speeds outside of the Portland area. For years, I had heard from folks that they liked the idea of Society of Three Speeds, but were hesitant to join since they couldn’t go on one of my rides. So, a challenge open to anyone, anywhere in the world, was a way to get folks to belong.

So I started with the first…

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