Looking ahead to 2020

A new year is here. As is my custom, I like to lay out some plans, goals, and ideas for the coming months. But first, maybe I should look back at my plans for 2019 and how far I got?


Well, my biking/camping was at a ten-year low in 2019. So, the only way to go is up, right? So anything I do in 2020 will be a marked improvement! 😉 Anyways, after the trip to Stub Stewart over the New Year holiday, I feel a lot better about things when it comes to biking. Heck, I felt like going on another long bike ride after I got back. Of course, on schedule sickness happened, so no biking. But I feel a bit of the burn, so I should go with it!

So here are the things I want to work on in 2020:

Biking/Camping/Touring/etc. As I said, the only place is to go is up. And I do feel that itch to get out there and ride more again, so I have a bit of confidence that this year will be better for all that. I don’t have any concrete plans yet. I want to do a longer tour this year, maybe a two week thing, something that would give me the time to explore Eastern Oregon properly. There will be shorter tours and overnights too. And after not doing a backpacking trip for two years, I really want to do something involving strapping a big backpack on and walk in the woods.

Art. Alright, something positive: I definitely did more art in 2019 than I had done in a long time. I put out another issue of NEW OLD STOCK, participated in Inktober, and did illustration work for others. I want to keep that up! I also want to do more different art, like experiment with watercolors.

Photography. I take a lot of pictures, some of them even good. It’s been a goal of mine to “get better” at photography for quite some time, so this is a year to try. (Which means I’ll be doing some stuff that doesn’t involve bikes in it!) I know that the camera is merely the tool but…maybe the way to go about this is get a different camera? 😀

Other stuff. Yeah, I still need to get more structure in my life. Yeah, I still need to volunteer. Yeah, I need to get more money!

Anyways, I have a good feeling about 2020. I know that my lists are always overly ambitious, and I won’t be satisfied when the year is over, but I feel it’s better to aim high. Here’s to new heights!

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