Looking ahead: Urban Adventure League Plans for 2020

Hello friends, and Happy New Year! We enter “The Twenties” again today. Will this decade roar?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with Urban Adventure League events for the coming year. I like doing something on a monthly clip, but need to stop myself from doing too much. I’m not in my late twenties or early thirties anymore. Too many events leads to burnout, as seen when I try to load up with my Pedalpalooza with 7-10 events. Not this year!

So here’s a rough blueprint of what I want to do in 2020. You can see what my 2020 Society of Three Speeds plans are over here.

  • January. It’s time for the return of the annual Palm Tree Ride! This one will happen on Sunday January 26, and explore SE (mostly.)
  • February. Late winter is a great time time for a Slough Country Ramble! I have one scheduled for Saturday February 22nd.
  • March. It’s been over a year, so now is a good time to bring back the Chehalem Range Ramble! It’s a 40-50 mile mixed terrain, mixed pavement exploration in far Washington County. This should happen on Saturday March 14th.
  • April. The Three Speed Adventure April Challenge!
  • May. I want to do the Pizza Ride then, and hopefully the first Sunset/Moonrise Ride of the season!
  • June. Pedalpalooza month! I want to cap my rides and events at four. I’d like to do a history ride of some sort, a ramble, a Sunset/Moonrise Ride, and something else.
  • July. Besides Sunset/Moonrise, I’d like to do something longer, maybe a Gorge ride, maybe camping, maybe both?
  • August. Since I’ll probably do Three Speed Camping this month, I don’t think I’ll do any other rides besides Sunset/Moonrise.
  • September. A mystery! Maybe another history based ride? Maybe a ramble of some sort? Or maybe a walk or two for Steptember?
  • October through December. Maybe a last Sunset/Moonrise Ride in October. The rest of October is Three Speed October stuff. I try to keep the calendar light in November and December.

Some fun times ahead! Keep tuned to this blog for full details when they happen.

I love to hear from you!

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