A New Year at the cabins at Stub Stewart

Another year is upon us!

I’ve made a tradition since New Years 2007 of getting out of town for the holiday. After spending my first five years in town going to meh parties and/or trying to find a decent party (and in the case of 2006, doing nothing), I decided getting away would be better than any in-town option. Over the years I’ve gone to several different places:

  • 2007, 2008: I took Amtrak’s Empire Builder out to BIngen, Washington (in the Columbia Gorge) to stay at the Bingen Hostel. (The hostel is gone now, replaced by The Society Hotel. Don’t worry, it’s definitely a better situation.
  • 2009: I took Amtrak Cascades up to Vancouver BC, which was pretty snowy!
  • 2010: Took the bus to the coast to stay in a yurt at Nehalem Bay State Park
  • 2011, 2012, 2013: Rode out to Stub Stewart with a bunch of folks to stay in a cabin (part of a Cycle Wild tradition)
  • 2014: Trained up to Seattle
  • 2015: Trained up to Vancouver, BC
  • 2016: Seattle, again
  • 2017, 2018: Vancouver BC for two years in a row
  • 2019: Emee and I drove out to Bend, Oregon

After last year’s trip, I was okay with letting the tradition end. But Emee and I got the itch to “do something” for the holiday. So we decided to bike out to Stub Stewart. The whole Cycle Wild New Years tradition ended a year or so after the last time I did it. The last time I was at the cabins was in December of 2017 with Emee. So now would be a good time as any to return!

I really enjoy biking out to stay in a cabin at Stub Stewart in winter. The ride is pretty mellow, only 24 miles. The setting of the cabins is pretty nice, too. (Though the hill to get there is nothing to be trifled with!) And since it is at a higher elevation (about 1,000 feet), there’s a better chance to see a little snow there too.

We are biking out today, Monday December 30th. We’ll spend two nights at the cabin. Then on Wednesday January 1st we’ll bike to Forest Grove to spend a night at the Grand Lodge. On Thursday January 2nd, we’ll return home.

Hope you have a good 2020!


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