Coffeeneuring 2019, Ride 2: a Seattle Adventure, 17 Oct

For my second ride of this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge, I decided to make it a bit more interesting: Do it in a different city! Since I’d be in Seattle for the weekend, why not there? I headed up to lead the Three Speed Ride which will be happening this morning (please come!) but wanted to hang out for a few days.

I loaded my Raleigh Superbe onto Amtrak Cascades train 504 at noon on Thursday October 17th. The ride was uneventful, and bands of showers passed along the landscape. I got into the Emerald City at 3:30, went over to my lodging to check in and dump some stuff, and then embarked on my night’s adventure.

First, I headed over to Swift Industries to checkout their wares. Swift is the Seattle bike bag maker, and they definitely have gotten into the whole adventure bike thing. I didn’t really need any new bags, but still walked out with a nice little bag that I hope to use for an art kit.

Then, it was uphill (it’s always uphill in Seattle) to my coffee destination. I don’t like riding in Seattle during a wet rush hour but I didn’t want to wait around either. Can a three speed get around Seattle? Yes, if you are smart. I headed up the easiest way towards Capitol Hill, King St to 12 Ave. The grade was pretty moderate, though there was probably a 5-6% grade section that made me stay in first.

For coffee, I decided to check out Peloton Cafe. It’s a bike themed cafe that also happens to be a bike shop! I dig the bike shop/cafes and wish there would be more. Anyways, I got a cup of drip coffee (they use Olympia Coffee) and also enjoyed some veggie tacos as it was taco night!

From there, I got some beer and a slice of pizza, then called it a night. The ride was five miles total. I have many more days to explore Seattle and wanted to save my energy.

Oh yeah! I declared this ride as my last official ride of my personal Three Speed October Challenge. While I did do other three speed rides this last week, this was definitely the most “fun” one.

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  1. Hmm I had not heard of Peleton, I will have to check it out. Sorry to have missed your Saturday ride but I did end up spending most of the morning being a not for profit Uber for my Daughter lol. Hope it went well.

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