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Three Speed October 2019: Week One, Ride Two, Saturday September 28

My second #threespeedoct2019 report, with the bonus of lightning and hail!

Society Of Three Speeds

Welcome to the second ride of my personal challenge! It all started off good, leaving the house mid-afternoon on Saturday September 28th. A beautiful early fall day, sun and 58F/15C when I departed to do some errands on the Raleigh Superbe. I felt almost overdressed with my thick sweater. I made some copies on Hawthorne.

When I came out I heard the crack o’ thunder and looked up to a dark sky. Checking the weather, I see a blob of red heading our way, National Weather Service warning of hail and lightning.

I rush off to my next destino, seeing if I can outrun. After a brief visit to Portland Bicycle Emporium the skies opened up. A big flash of lighting and crack of thunder was almost directly overhead, so I rushed to an awning in a parking garage to wait it out. A few other cylists had the same…

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