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My obligatory “Summer is over…or is it?” post

It’s the last week of August. I typically reflect upon the closing of the summer around this time. If you’ve followed this blog for a bit, you know I do a post like this practically every end of August. I look back at the past few months, see what I did and didn’t do, and then make a pronouncement for what the remainder of this season will shape up to be.

One big thing with the summer of 2019 in Portland (and the Pacific Northwest in general) is how much better the weather has been. The last few summers have been hot, with many 90F and above days. We’ve hit 90 a few times this summer, and have had hot days. But nowhere to the degree of the past few summers. It’s been much more moderate, reminding me of the ideal summers I encountered when I moved here in 2001. It’s been wetter, too, with a couple honest-to-goodness thunderstorms (and a tornado thrown in for good measure!) This wetness has meant the fire season has been almost nonexistent. This is a relief after a couple nasty years of summers with hazy skies and ash fallout littering the ground.

Well, how has my summer shaped up? Okay, for the most part. Once again I have not biked/toured/camped as much as I wanted to. I’ve been distracted with trying to figure out a way to make money, doing some stuff for money, and stressing about not having money. Not the ideal mindset to go off on a long adventure. (Or is it?)

I haven’t toured/camped since the San Juans adventure around the Fourth of July. Wait, I take that back: I sort of bike toured/camped at my friend’s wedding out in the Gorge at the end of July. Basically I took the bus to Cascade Locks, rode 10 miles to camp (the last mile or so was seriously steep), spent a night, saw my friends get married, then caught a ride home.

But this summer has also been light on “the little things”. I’ve been hiding in the basement a lot, so I haven’t done as many rambles as I’d like. Nor have I been doing things like having dinner outside. I think a lot of that has to do with being in a house that I like, for one. I’m not as tempted to get out to avoid a roommate. Plus, my room at the house in Woodlawn was always hot. But I’ve become a bit of a homebody this year. I know I need to get out more.

Thankfully, summer is not over. There’s still (usually) a good month of weather left, and early October can also be good. I don’t have much in the way of concrete plans besides doing something around Central Oregon in mid-September. Emee is heading down there for a few days and I’m going to tag along and then do a few days of touring after that. I’m aiming to head west over McKenzie Pass and then towards the Willamette Valley. Hopefully the weather holds out, I’d like to avoid a repeat of the crappy weather that I had experienced out there in May.

Still, fall is on the way, no matter how much I try to think otherwise. Thankfully I do like fall, especially since I don’t have to go to school. But allow me to wring a little more out of summer before it’s all over! Especially since this summer has been so enjoyable.

1 thought on “My obligatory “Summer is over…or is it?” post”

  1. As a life long resident of the PNW I don’t count summer as over until we hit October, in many years September is a far and away a nicer month than June. Like you I have appreciated the more mild summer, don’t find myself missing 90+ degree days. I live on the 3rd floor of a building full of octogenarian’s and I have no AC so 90 degrees means its not fun in my place. Don’t despair there is lots of time left! (or so I tell myself)

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