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A Three Speed Bike Date

Sunday August 11th. It was a nice day out, starting cloudy but ending up mostly sunny with a high of 76F/24C. Neither Emee or myself had obligations. So we decided to go on a little bike date, a ride around town with no firm plan in mind.

We got out our three speeds: for Emee, her green Raleigh Sports circa 1974. I decided to take out the Robin Hood path racer since it’s been awhile since I’ve ridden it. After a late brunch, we headed west towards the Willamette River.

After checking out a new street, we decided to hang out a while in South Waterfront Park. I’ve been really digging this greenspace next to the Vancouveresque glass towers that constitute South Waterfront, and am looking forward to a more improved, more connected Willamette Greenway (the path that runs the west bank of the river south of downtown.) They were setting up an opera-in-the-park event at the same time, an added bonus.

From there we continued south on the Willamette Greenway. Despite what I said above, the path has definitely improved over the years I’ve lived here. When I first rode ti in 2001, it was a disjointed network of paths with sharp turns. They’ve been smoothing out parts of it since then. Since the opening of the new Sellwood Bridge in 2016, crossing the river at the south end of the Greenway has gotten a lot better.

We did a quick stop at a grocery in Sellwood and then rode to the Sellwood Bluffs to catch sunset. It was pretty cloudy so not so much of a sun set, but a house behind us was having some sort of outdoor vocal jazz concert, so bonus again!

Rather than taking the MAX light rail home, we decided to ride into the dark. Crossing the Crystal Springs Canyon in Reed College via Blue Bridge is always fun.

The next time you have a bike date, think about having it on Three Speeds!

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