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Pizza WALK: NE Glisan and thereabouts, Wed 18 Sept

The pizza ride is back, with a brand new twist: IT’S A PIZZA WALK! In honor of Steptember, a month of walking fun, we’ve decided to do our little pizza adventure by foot this time.

Even though this is a WALK, the premise is the same as every single pizza ride we have done, going way back to the begining of time (or before you moved here), known as 2005: Hit up five different pizza places, and consume a slice at each one. We order full pizza pies in advance, which means the pizza will be fresh and hot, and it will be cheaper than everyone buying a slice. (Plus, it would be a logistical headache if 12 people each ordered a slice at each place. The walk would be only two stops long!)

This walk will be keepin’ it manageable: We are going to stay on or near NE Glisan St for the whole time, maybe diverging from the street for a distance up to a half-mile. Total distance should be around four miles. The walk starts and ends near transit, but is not a loop.

And as always, the walk stops and route have been and will always be a mystery. When you register, you will get the location of the first stop, that’s it. PLEASE, NO ASKING!

Cheese pizza will be ordered at each stop, so this will be a vegetarian friendly ride. This is not a gluten-free friendly ride. One stop will be vegan pizza only, but there will not be vegan pizza at the other stops.

The cost for this walk is $25, which will be collected upon registration. This money is strictly for the pizza, we are not “charging” for the walk. This will guarantee everyone participating one slice at each of the five stops. If you want extra slices or beverages (like beer!), that’s on you. (We may have extra slices depending on the amount of registrants.) The $25 is a flat fee that assumes you’re going to stick around for the whole walk (and you should, if you decide to go on this!) If you only do three stops, or bail after first one, there will be no partial refunds. Please don’t commit to the walk if you are not comfortable with this.

Because of the mystery of all this, the start location will not be divulged until about a week before the ride, and then it will only be to people registered. We will say that the start and end will be transit accessible. If you decide to drive, we cannot speak about the parking situation, and you will need to take transit back to your vehicle, or be comfortable to adding about two more miles of walking to the event. (This also goes for biking if you decide to ride to the start and lock it.) So, please consider taking transit to the walk!

The full details (including start location) will be emailed to registrants by Friday September 13th. Please make sure that emails from Eventbrite aren’t going into your spam filter! If we don’t hear from you in the appropriate time to confirm that you got the email, we WILL call you. Please be prompt on responding to this email!

If this all sounds like fun, and not too difficult for you, then sign up!

This ride is limited to ten participants. Cancellations with refunds of the base fee (not Eventbrite fees) can be made up to seven days before the ride starts.

Special Note: We are only allowing registrations one at a time. That means if your friends, spouse, significant others, or enemies want to come along, they need to hop on that computer-typed-thing and fill out the form themselves. PLEASE, DO NOT bring an unregistered person along.

Oh yeah, did we mention that this is a WALK?

Register for the Pizza Walk here.

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