A tour in the San Juan Islands…

Goodbye, Lopez Island! It was too brief but I want to come back soon. #lopezisland
From my 2016 trip

Summer is in full effect. Time to get out there and explore the Northwest!

Today Emee and I are taking the train north to Mount Vernon, Washington, where we’ll spend the night. Then we ride west to Anacortes, hop a ferry, and spend a few days in the San Juan Islands, specifically Lopez and San Juan Island. We’ll camp in the county parks (hiker/biker sites and a “no turn away” policy means we’ll be guaranteed something.) Then we come back to “the mainland” for a day or so before we take the southbound train from Mount Vernon back home on Tuesday July 9th.

The San Juan Islands and the other islands in the Salish Sea (including Whidbey and the Gulf Islands) are some of my favorite places to bike and just be. I’ve been visiting the San Juans by bike every year since 2013. I look forward to the ferry rides, the sparkling water, and the laid-back vibe.

I probably won’t be blogging much, but you can see my adventures in (mostly) real time on my Instagram feed.

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  1. Orcas is just about my favorite place on earth but its also the hilliest of the San Juans. I did this years Tour De Lopez in April, my second time, and that is a very pleasant place to ride. Never had a bike on San Juan as I usually just walk on and stay “in town” but I imagine it too is a good place to ride. Enjoy

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