SOLD: Carradice Nelson Longflap saddlebag

UPDATE 28 JUNE 2019, 8 PM PDT: Well, that was very fast! Bike is sold and already in the hands of the new owner!

Well, still finding some things that I don’t need anymore. This time I have available a classic British transverse canvas saddlebag!

This circa 2012 Carradice Nelson Longflap features 100% waterproof waxed cotton duck and is handmade in the UK. The approximate measurements are 35cm (14 in) (50cm or 20 in including pockets) wide x 21cm (8.25 in) (25cm or 10 in when extended) high x 20cm (8 in) deep. Approximate capacity of 15 to 18 litres (depending on the flap). The long flap is great for getting in “a little bit more” when you need to, like with a camping trip! (Ask me how I know) The extra bit of flap snaps into itself when not being used. There are two inserts on the flap in which you can slide straps and lash more stuff to the bag (like a tent!) And the interior features the newer design of shock cord draw string to “cinch” up the interior.

I’ve had this bag for a few years, and it shows signs of wear and fading (or beausage if you will.) There have been a few repairs here and there. But the condition overall is good. These bags were built to last and the Carradice Nelson will give you years of use. Three white leather straps included for mounting.

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