Impending Spring

It was inevitable: After a too long February, the first tastes of spring have appeared. And not a moment too soon, as the colder than normal weather plus the off and on snow (that didn’t do anything) was wearing me down.

On Sunday March 10th, Steve M and I took a long bike ride on three speeds. Both of us needed a good ride, neither of us had done a good ride in a long time. Steve has parent of young children responsibilities, while I’ve just been distracted with things like getting my life together and moving.

We headed south towards Oregon City. Going to the first city in the Willamette Valley is always fun, with its falls, historic downtown, and of course the Municipal Elevator, which is one of the few of its kind in the world. And the ride down was mostly on bike path (the Trolley Trail), which is a nice peaceful way to get through suburbia. Plus, this ride served as the test ride for the upcoming Three Speed Day Tour in April. I’m pretty excited about this ride.

It was good to catch up with Steve. He’s a good friend but I don’t see him as much as I’d like. And won’t be able to see him that much either, as he (and his family) is planning to move east to the Appalachian Mountains in a few months.

Steve was showing off his newest bike, a 50’s Rudge Sport. It’s a step-through frame but in the rare (and large) 23 inch size!


I’m looking forward to more springlike weather. Thankfully the forecast is promising, with the first 60 degree F (16C) temps of the year promised next week. Nicer weather means more opportunities for adventure, and the distinct possibility of bike camping.

If anything spring is my favorite season. While the weather isn’t always good, it brings the promise of better days. Once we get into summer, the hot weather starts to wear me down, and the smoke from wildfires we’ve been getting the past few years isn’t something to look forward to. But spring? I can always look forward to that!

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