A general update for the end of February

02c0fd61-e4ec-4e83-8609-1e0d92b3cad7Ah, February. In like a lion, out like a lamb, right? Oh wait, that’s March. Anyways, after a fairly mild and dry winter, February has been meh for weather. We had a bit of snow a couple weeks ago, and the last few days have featured the “threat of snow”. I saw flurries, but nothing much sticking. It flurried all day on Monday the 25th, stuck to grass and cars at night, melted the next morning. (Not in Eugene, though, they got a half a foot.) I’m okay with this.

By this point in the year, I’m looking forward to spring, not delayed winter. Seems like we’ve been getting these “delayed winters” in February for the past few years, vs. the “February Fake-Out” which is more typical, when we get the first real nice (60F!) days of the year. Oh well, at least spring will hit us at some point.

The cooler and wetter temps this past month meant that I didn’t do as much outdoor stuff as I’d hoped. I’ve ridden for utility purposes, not so much for fun. And the two rides I’ve led this winter have landed on wet days. Sigh.

As such, I’m itching to do some bike camping. I haven’t done anything since October, and that was under sub-par conditions, as I didn’t realize I was getting sick until after I was done. I’d really like to do something, but don’t know if that’s going to happen anytime in the near future.

This is for two reasons: one not good (the weather) and the other good: I’m getting busy. March promises to be a busy month. I may be going down to Eugene for a few days in the first full week (don’t know for sure yet), and Emee and I are going up to the Puget Sound around St. Patrick’s Day where we will again be participating in the annual Dandy Daffodil Tweed Ride in La Conner, WA. Then the remaining two weeks of the month will be filled with the task of moving. Yes, as I have hinted at previously, I am leaving the Woodlawn neighborhood and moving in with Emee in North Tabor!

April promises more busyness: We’ve got the Tweed Ride on Saturday April 6 plus my Three Speed Day Tour on Saturday April 20th. And I may be doing a small bike tour outside of The Dalles the weekend of April 13 and there may be Seattle shenanigans the final weekend of April. These two things aren’t set yet, but if they do come to fruition, it means that all my weekends in April are spoken for.

Even longer range means the possibility of heading back to Minnesota for the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour in May. June means Pedalpalooza, a full month of bike fun in and around Portland. I may also partake a bike tour between Vancouver BC and Portland that month, and as summer moves on, there’s more ideas for bike tours and other shenanigans.

As you can see, the calendar is already filling up! But I still need to make some money too. So, if you are looking for illustration work, please remember that I am still available!

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