A trip to Rockaway Beach

Emee and I had a busy time last weekend. Right after I led my Slough Country Ramble, we high tailed it to the coast!

The main reason was that her son was having a birthday celebration at his dad’s house in Manzanita, located on the north Oregon Coast. The ride out to the coast wasn’t that fun, as it was dark and we encountered snow at the summit of the Coast Range. But we made it out just in time for the celebrations. Then we drove south to get to the sleepy beach town of Rockaway Beach, where we would spend the next two days.

While the weather on Saturday (February 16) was not great, Sunday was the polar opposite: we woke to brilliantly clear and sunny skies. This is rare for the coast on the winter, so we were pretty lucky! We brought bikes along, so we decided to cruise down through this tourist town and then hit the beach. The sand was thankfully well packed nearer the water, so there was no need for fatbikes.

Monday was grey. We took a leisurely drive back from the coast in the daylight. We also took a pause in Garibaldi (just south of Rockaway Beach) where we checked out the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, which was snoozing in the off-season. I’m not that enamored by the Coast Range, as the peaks are not as spectacular as the Cascades or other ranges further east. But it’s always fun to cross them. We ended up in Beaverton for a late lunch of Detroit-style pizza and then got home around nightfall.

I hope to get out to the coast again fairly soon…

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