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Reminder: Slough Country Ramble Sat 16 Feb (?)

The days of me living in the Woodlawn neighborhood are numbered, which means my easy access to the beloved Columbia Slough. So to bid adieu to this region, I’ll be leading one of my favorite rides: The Slough Country Ramble!

We’ll be meeting on Saturday February 16 at 11 AM at Cafe Eleven, 435 NE Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR 97211. We’ll be here until 11:30 AM, so you’ll have some time to grab a coffee and breakfast before we take off. From there, we’ll head down to the Slough for the next couple hours. (Bring a snack!)

The ride is about 20 miles total. Bring a bike that can handle a little rough stuff. Ride not a loop, but will end near transit, food, and beverages.

SPECIAL NOTE: As of now, the weather forecast for the week is “iffy”, with “chance of snow” in it for many days. Right now, I don’t know what Saturday may look like. So, there is a possibility the ride may be cancelled or postponed. I’l make a definitive statement on Friday.

Saying that, it could be fun to do a shorter expedition in the Slough lands with snow on the ground. It would require fatter tires and possibly some walking. I don’t want to be a “woos” and cancel/postpone the ride outright if others are up for the challenge. But I also don’t want to say “yeah! Let’s do it!” and no one shows up. Are you interested in doing this ride if there’s still snow? Please give me a heads-up either by emailing me or leaving a comment.


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