Reminder: Slough Country Ramble Sat 16 Feb (?)

The days of me living in the Woodlawn neighborhood are numbered, which means my easy access to the beloved Columbia Slough. So to bid adieu to this region, I’ll be leading one of my favorite rides: The Slough Country Ramble! We’ll be meeting on Saturday February 16 at 11 AM at Cafe Eleven, 435 NE... Continue Reading →

The kale, er, “snowpocalypse” a few days in.

Hot cocoa with bourbon after shoveling: It is nice being an adult! Yes, folks, you heard the news: It has snowed in Portland. But our fair city was ready, as shoppers cleaned the supermarkets of kale on Friday. I actually was shopping on that tragic day, and did bear witness to the eviscerated dairy case... Continue Reading →

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