A Three Speed By the Bay

Society Of Three Speeds

fb262cbd-c138-4258-af8f-2e50c422f233-1Astute readers may have noticed I decided to bring my Raleigh Superbe with me on this trip to the Bay Area. A three speed in hilly San Francisco? Why yes, I am a little nutty. But I had brought my Bantam on my last trip, and the Crested Butte might be a wee bit too much. So why not a three speed?

As El Presidente of Society of Three Speeds, I often hear from folks that they could not own a three speed because their city is too hilly. And if I’m going to sell the club and prove that three speeds are viable city bikes, I needed to walk the walk not just talk the talk. (Or I guess ride the ride!) So San Francisco seemed like a good enough candidate!

And how did I do? Fine! I didn’t feel like the Superbe hindered me in my enjoyment of…

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Too Much Travel?

I’ve definitely said before that I give off the illusion that I travel all the time. But after this Bay Area trip, I’m starting to realize that it’s no illusion. Since fall, I’ve had four decent trips: the jaunt to the Long Beach Peninsula in October (four days), Texas around Thanksgiving (a week), Bend on... Continue Reading →

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