Patch sample is here! SoTS new member pack pre-order still going.

Society Of Three Speeds

Hey folks! A bunch of you have already pre-ordered the new membership kit, thank you very much. I appreciate your support!

I have some good news: The sample of the patch has been made by Falls Creek Outfitters. It looks great! See it above. So if you were hesitant about ordering because you were unsure how the finished product was going to look, fear no more!

And there have been a few questions from people who are already members about the new kit. So, to clear it up:

  • If you are already a member, you will still retain your member number, you will not be a “new member” per se.
  • At some point (most likely January), existing members will be able to purchase individual stickers, buttons, and patches a la carte. However, the “best” deal for current and new members alike is to get in on the pre-sale. The prices…

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