New Old Stock 333: Pre-order sale!

Hey friends! I'm almost done with the most recent issue of my comic series, NEW OLD STOCK. And like last time, I'd like to offer up a special offer to those who order it in advance! Purchase NEW OLD STOCK 333 from now until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Friday December 7, get it for... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring 2018, Ride 6: Business business! Thurs 16 Nov

Wow! Ride 6, and the challenge is almost over for 2018. How time flies. I started the Coffeeneuring 2018 Challenge with a lot of vim and vigor. But it's been tough this year. You'd figure with "only" working part-time this would be a breeze, no? I should be doing 60 mile Coffee Outside adventures, and... Continue Reading →

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