Heading to Texas

Before you get any silly notions, no, I am not moving to Texas. Nope, it’s time for a visit! I’ve only been to the Lone Star State twice in my life–once when driving across country in 1998 (a thousand miles on I-10!) and once via train in 2005, stopping in Austin. Emee’s family lives in the Houston area, so we’re going to visit for Thanksgiving!

We’ll be getting in super late on Monday night, November 19th. We’ll spend a day there, then on Wednesday drive to Houston for the holiday. We’ll head back to Austin on Saturday November 24th and spend the last couple days there. We fly home on Tuesday November 26th.

It should be fun! I only spent a day in Houston, but spent several in Austin, a town that I like. The weather is looking to be okay, highs somewhere between 60F-70F. We won’t have bikes but hope to try out some of the bikeshare programs.

I won’t have a lot of free time on this trip, but if you are in the area on the specific days, feel free to get in touch. Maybe we can hang!

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