Coffeeneuring 2018, Ride 3: With bonus Sunset Burrito action! Mon 22 Oct

Ah, Mondays. Since I’ve reduced my work at the hostel, Monday is in the middle of my “weekend” if you want to call it that. But I try to work on something most of the days I’m not at the hostel. And I feel like Monday has become my most frustrating day, as 2 PM rolls around and I feel like I’ve gotten jack accomplished.

This is the time I usually make an effort to leave the house. If anything, getting out is at least something. And a convenient “getting out” place? A coffee shop, of course. I can sip on a strong beverage while drawing, writing, or scheming. And how convenient, it’s the Coffeeneuring Challenge, so I can get in a challenge ride as well!

For the cafe, I chose The Arbor Lodge Coffee at N Rosa Parks Way and N Interstate Ave in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood. This cafe is just a couple miles from my house, yet I rarely go there it seems (unless it’s during Coffeeneuring Challenge.)

Despite what I said last time about not ordering drip late in the day, that’s what I ended up doing. This was either because I was running on autopilot, or being thrifty, I forget. It was…okay, but definitely had that added bitterness of late-day drip.

I sat outside to draw. This was the last day of the “Indian Summer” we’d been having, a solid two weeks of sun and mild temps. It eventually reached 69F/20C, possibly the last real balmy day of this year. Ah.

After coffee, I decided to seize the moment. Today may possibly be the last chance for a good Sunset Burrito Club! So I ran over to Azteca for a veggie burrito, then high-tailed it to The Dog Bowl, aka Rivendell Ridge, on the bluffs overlooking the Willamette River. It was a great little sunset burrito, even if the burrito was kinda meh.*

After the sun set, the temperature lowered rapidly. I layered up and rode over to the Lucky Lab brewpub on N Killingsworth St for a couple beers while working on some more art and stuff.

The Stats:

  • Distance Travelled: approx. 6 miles
  • Bike used: Robin Hood three speed
  • Coffee shop: Arbor Lodge
  • Type of coffee: house, drip

*I feel like they haven’t been “on their game” the past couple months, and have talked to others that feel the same.

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