U-Fix Sale (mostly): Pedals, dynamo, Shorts. Plus: tires!

Hello friends! I’ve had a few items kicking around that need a little something-something. I’ve realized that I’m probably not going to get around to repairing these things. These items are still functional, but will need a bit of elbow grease and/or skill to make them 100%. So I’m offering them up to you for cheap! Maybe you’re handy with needle and thread, or bearings and grease?

Also, I have still a few tires that are used, but still good if a bit dirty. I’m offering them up too.

And how it works: Prices do NOT include shipping. Please email me at urbanadventureleague@gmail.com with your zip code so I can figure out postage. (To note: shipping wire bead tires ain’t cheap, I’d recommend these for in-town pickup.) Remote payment can be made either via PayPal or Square Ca$h. If you are Portland, Oregon local and can do local pickup, you can pay in cash and skip shipping fees.

MKS Lambda, aka “Grip King” pedals. SOLD SOLD SOLD

Nordlicht bottle dynamo. Pros: Probably the best bottle dynamo you’ll ever find. Cons: Springs in the base of the unit are strong and pop out bottom plate, hence the duct tape. Also, it grips against the wheel very tightly, which can cause rapid sidewall wear, even with the rubber runner. I’d advise figuring out a way to loosen the grip, or run against rim. (If you run against rim, I’d do this with a narrower tire, as the “bulge” on a fat tire can mean it can still rub against tire. $10

Rivendell MUSA shorts, size XL, green. Pros: Made in USA, comfy and baggy. Elastic belt has been replaced in last couple years. Cons: Spots and such from years of use. Missing rear pocket buttons. Right rear pocket separating from body, needs restitching. $10  Claimed

Schwalbe Fat Frank Tire, black with wire bead, 26″ x 2.3″ (60-559). Has seen years of light use on the Heavy Duti, still in good shape. $10

Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Tires set, cream with reflective sidewall and wire bead, 26″ x 1 3/8″ (37-590, 650-35A) Have seen use on the Raleigh Superbe and Robin Hood. Still in good shape if a bit dirty. $15 for pair.

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