Coffeeneuring Challenge 2018: The Best Intentions

Yass! Another #coffeeneuring challenge. I’m excited.

The Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge is a relaxed cycling endeavor for people everywhere, and it’s coming your way once again, starting October 12, 2018. If you like riding a bike and enjoy drinking coffee or tea (or even hot chocolate or cider), consider this fall challenge.

Back for year eight, the Coffeeneuring Challenge has almost reached the age of being a tradition. In that vein, I wanted to throw out this year’s theme of intention. Coffeeneuring gives a ride a certain element of intention, but what else inspires us to keep coming back to the challenge each year, or even to try it for the first time? The peaceful act of motion on two wheels? Meeting friends? Solitude? The coffee at the end of the ride rainbow? You tell me.

The Coffeeneuring Challenge began as a kind of antidote to the big randonneuring rides of spring and summer. Unlike randonneuring, the rides can be…

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Outer NE New Parks Ride, 3 Nov 2018

Over the past five years or so, the outer reaches of NE Portland has seen a bunch of new parks open! Most of these parks have some pretty cool features suited to the needs of the Twenty-First Century Portlander, like accessible play areas, skate parks, water features, picnic areas, and (oh yeah) bathrooms. On top... Continue Reading →

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