The fall cometh.

It was inevitable, and not a moment too soon: The seasons are starting to change here in the Northwest. After what felt like a lifetime of 90+ degree days (we broke the record, which is like 35 or so in a year) and hazy, smoky skies, the weather has shifted, and for the better. And... Continue Reading →

Mount Tabor Meander, Wed 26 Sept

It's a bit last minute, but I've decided to do a walk this month! Right now it's Steptember, an all month walking festival put on by Oregon Walks. And remember that the Urban Adventure League has also put on walks throughout its history--we're not JUST about bicycles. 😉 Mount Tabor is always a fun place... Continue Reading →

No Three Speed October for 2018

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of Three Speeds. I’ve had fun the past couple years putting together both the Three Speed October and Three Speed Adventure April challenges. But I’ve decided to put the Three Speed October challenge on hold for 2018. I need to focus my Society of Three Speeds energy elsewhere for now–namely in creating new membership kits so I can reactive memberships. Plus, I’ve got a bunch of other creative projects on my plate, and I don’t want my time to be eaten up by the administration of this year’s challenge.

So don’t despair–I plan on doing more challenges in 2019. In the meantime, keep on riding your three speed!

And please don’t interpret the lack of Three Speed October as a sign that Society of Three Speeds is “winding down”. I’ve got some exciting ideas and plans for the future, which I will be detailing in an upcoming…

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An urban hike, 4 Sept 2018

We're nearing the end of summer and I haven't yet done an overnight hiking trip. That will be remedied soon, as my friend Ed and I are planning for something next weekend. I met Ed downtown on the evening of Tuesday September 4th to pore* over maps and scheme. And there's no better way** to... Continue Reading →

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