FYI: Still available for illustration and other work-for-hire opportunities

Hello folks! It’s been awhile since I talked about illustration, that thing I do when I’m being an artist. I haven’t done that much in the past half decade, mostly because I had been working full time at the hostel and didn’t have much time/energy to devote to it.

But as I mentioned a little while ago, I’ve switched back to part time at the hostel so I can devote more time and energy to creative outlets. As such, I want to do more illustration!

You’ve seen my art on this blog over the years, plus over at Instagram and flickr. I work in pen and ink, and do color images (usually via Photoshop). I can do semi-realistic, I can do cartoony. I can draw comics. And yes, I know how to draw bicycles. Are you interested? Please get in touch! Email

But art isn’t the only thing I can do!

  • I can write too! I have obviously written here on this blog. But I have written for magazines, blogs, and books. Why yes, I did write the Zinester’s Guide to Portland, one of the best selling books at Powell’s Books! So maybe you’re looking for someone to write about bicycles, Portland, history, or Portland bicycle history. Or a travel guide!
  • I have led many Bicycle Touring Workshops over the last decade. Do you need a Bicycle Touring Workshop for your organization, bike shop, or club? If it’s in Portland, the Portland suburbs, or even somewhere else in the Pacific Northwest (a spot easy to get to via Amtrak and/or transit, hopefully), I can lead it! I’m also available for more one-on-one consultation about bike touring.
  • And I am adept with certain blogging/social media platforms, like Blogger, WordPress, tumblr, and Instagram.

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