Not the campground I had planned.

When we last left Shawn, he was being glib about the whole ferry incident and his “comeback”, enjoying the beer for a couple hours since it was only three miles to camp. So he rode to Illahee and was greeted with a “Campground Closed” sign. WHAT?😵😵

So I (Shawn) went to check the website again, since I didn’t notice this detail the first time. Yeah, it’s there, at the BOTTOM of the page, in the alerts section. Fuck.

It was just about 8, daylight fading. What to do? Go back to catch the “right” ferry to Bainbridge? Stay in Seattle? No, no, no. J decided to press on. Kitsap Memorial State Park was 20 miles away. Not the most optimal choice, but I was running out of choices. I decided to aim for there, and if I found a reasonably priced motel on the way, I’d stop.

The ride wasn’t so bad, at least when I finally escaped Bremerton. Big Valley Road north of Poulsbo was downright pleasant! The weather cooled, the moon was out, and my Dynamo lighting lit up the way.
I stumbled into the hiker biker site at Kitsap around 10, took a quick look at the beach, enjoyed my last beer of the day, and went to sleep.

And I’m going to Port Townsend today, hell or high water.
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