Pedalpalooza 2018: My Rides Wrap-up

Yes, June is over, and that means the close of another Pedalpalooza. I always end up leading a bunch of rides–too many, according to some. This year I was no slouch in leading rides, and didn’t feel the “burn out” as most (most) of the events went well. So, what happened?

  • Tuesday June 12, Bike Touring Workshop: I had about a dozen folks who listened to me drone about touring for two-and-a-half hours! It seemed like it went well and folks got something out of it. For me, it was fun, but I’m out of practice regarding these workshops, so I need to hone it and make it not as long.
  • Sunday June 17, Proper Pedal Picnic: This day started hot, then a totally unexpected thunderstorm happened on us when we were about to leave, scaring away one participant. Nine of us rode a short distance to the picnic shelter in Columbia Park, enjoying a lovely dinner. (One of the good reasons for choosing Green Zebra as a start was the closeness of a picnic shelter.)The rain/storm mostly missed us, sprinkling on us for a bit. (It did storm pretty good in other parts of town, including over the guy who left early. That’s what you get for being The Panicky Guy!) Then five of us rode to Cathedral Park in St Johns for the sunset. It was fun, thank you to the folks who showed up! I hope to have another Proper Pedal Picnic sometime this summer, stay tuned for details.
  • Monday June 18, Two Speed Kickback Ride and Bottle Dynamo Ride: AKA The Back To Back Esoteric Rides. I knew I was taking a chance with the two speed ride, but I like doing weird rides. Ethan thankfully showed up with a nice Schwinn and we took a cruise to get a burrito and beer and then ate by the Dogbowl to watch sunset. Unfortunately, no one showed up for the Bottle Dynamo ride. Before you say “Whaddya expect?” I had six people when I did it 2016. So I was a bit dejected for the rest of the week.
  • Wednesday June 27, Three Speed Ride/Slough Country Ramble: It was deja vu, another warm and sunny day that suddenly and unexpectedly got blustery right before the ride departed. The 18 of us rode in a light rain for a bit, tootling around the edges of Slough Country, hitting up favorite spots like Columbia Children’s Arboretum and the secret promenade by Heron Lakes Golf Course. We ended up at the Twilight Room in Portsmouth, which features probably the most unlikely/lovely patio in town!
  • Thursday June 28, Sunset Moonrise Ride: And Pedalpalooza for me ended good: A nice day to share with 30 folks! We rode to Broughton Beach, saw the sun set, and moon rise.

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