A First-Week Pedalpalooza 2018 Round-up

Why yes, this blog has been quiet for awhile. What can I say? Life has been busy, and I haven’t had a lot of free time to write. Too much time planning and doing things. Plus, I haven’t really been inspired to write, much less read blogs this year. There is a lot I should write about, like some of my adventures in March, the Lake Pepin tour, and more. I hope to do that soon. In the meantime, here’s a recap of the first week of Pedalpalooza, Portland’s all-June bike fun festival.

Friday June 1: As much as I would have loved to start out Pedalpalooza with a double shot of #pdxcoffeeoutside and Breakfast on the Bridges, due to logistics it was not going to happen. I still managed to drag my tired ass later in the day to the Kickoff Ride. There were a lot of familiar faces, and Sewallcrest Park swelled as more and more folks showed up. We had near 1,000 people when the ride started! We took over the streets of SE and then NE for several hours. I took off right after dark when we passed by Wilshire Park, but I heard that the ride ended in the wee hours by Overlook Park in N Portland.

Sat June 2-Sun June 3: This was the fabled Three Speed Camping Trip! This time it was Tim, Steve, and myself. The destination was Stub Stewart State Park, a decent 22 mile ride from the west end of the MAX light rail line. Despite this location’s relative closeness, I’ve never been there via three speed. The weather on Saturday was great, sunny and 80F/27C. We ran into some other folks from #pdxcoffeeoutside camping there as well! I opted to take the Robin Hood, which isn’t the best load bike since it lacks racks.* I managed to jam it all into one overstuff Carradice Camper Longflap (and a little into a fanny pack). It worked, but was not ideal: The big-heaviness of the bag jammed against rear fender, causing the bridge bolt to snap,** plus I managed a slow leak. Still was a fun trip!

Mon June 4: The first Breakfast on the Bikeway in Woodlawn in years! Ayleen set up a tent and a table at Holman Pocket Park, where NE Holman, Durham, and 13th meet. We set up between 7:30 and 9:30 AM, giving out coffee and snacks to passers-by. Quite a few people stopped. And then I got a cold, which took me out of commission for a couple days.

Wed June 6: This was the Remnants and Relics history tour, led by Dan H. and myself. To our surprise, we had at least 55 people at the start! Maybe people have a thirst for historical bike rides? (Or maybe it’s because there were only a couple other rides on the calendar!) Anyways, it was an interesting tour, especially since the ride would be more ideal with 15 folks, not 50. We made it work, bottlenecks and all. We didn’t get as far as we’d like, so maybe we’ll try to do a Part II later in the year?

*Steve says that all my bikes eventually turn into touring bikes!

**Yes, having some sort of bag rack or bag support would be good. I do have a support, but the problem with it is two-fold: first, since bag supports push the bag upward, an overloaded bag like a Camper ends up sticking UP way high. Secondly, all the weight hangs off the saddle, so what happens is my saddle noses upward in response.


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