Pepin-Mpls 2018 Trip, the train ride to, and a bit of the Twin Cities.

Emee and I are nearing the middle of this trip, so a quick report from the road to reflect:

  • Sunday May 6: We got to Union Station in Portland with plenty of time to spare. So there was little stress in boxing the bikes. And thankfully, no issues like a pedal that wouldn’t come off. We lounged in the First Class Lounge until boarding, then off on the Empire Builder Eastward through the Columbia River Gorge!
  • Monday May 7: Our full day on the train. While I’ve done long multiday train rides a bunch since 2000, this was Emee’s first! And also her first time in a sleeping car. We watched the landscape of Montana change from the forested mountains in the west around Glacier National Park and the Continental Divide to the flat and open grasslands of the east. We enjoyed the luxuries of First Class, like the included meal service with dessert!
  • Tuesday May 8: We rolled into St. Paul Union Depot a little after 8, sorted out our baggage, got our bikes together, and hopped on the light rail towards the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. Our host would be my old Portland friend Nickey. Emee got a little bit of work done, and then we did a quick exploration of the south side of Minneapolis. We got beer at Eastlake, rode the Midtown Greenway west to the lakes, then stopped by Perrenial Cycles where Emee got a strap for her Carradice bag.

Okay! We still have a couple more days of exploration here, then we drive down to Red Wing on Friday for the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour!


2 thoughts on “Pepin-Mpls 2018 Trip, the train ride to, and a bit of the Twin Cities.”

  1. Boxing bikes is a complication with travel. How does this work for you? Are boxes available, what do you do with them at the other end? Looks like a great trip, bit envious.

  2. I love that Amtrak is promoting their bicycle service, have you noticed any improvements in how they are treating bicycles/bicycle-riding customers? Would love to see what the sleeping cars look like. We’re moving back to the States this summer, and after riding the trains extensively in Europe, I want to keep it up, even though I understand that fares can be a bit pricey. Was this the Empire Builder? That’s the line we’d be taking from Chicago to Union Station if we decide to visit PDX.
    All the best,

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