Weekend Report: A little bit o’ everything, both good and bad.

Hey folks! Yeah, life has been busy so I haven’t posted to here as much as I should. As always, the best day-to-day record of my life can be found on my instagram. With that out of the way, let me talk a bit about my past weekend, from Thursday April 26 through Sunday April 29…

  • Thursday April 26: Emee had the great idea of getting a hotel room downtown for the night to complete Challenge 5 of Three Speed Adventure April, the Bike Overnight.* We had done Challenges 1-4 on Sunday’s Three Speed Ride (report on that very soon), and Emee had a conference in the very same hotel that weekend! Convenience! It was fun wheelin’ the Raleighs into the first floor room at the University Place Hotel. Adventure April complete!
  • Friday April 27: Conveniently enough, the morning’s Coffee Outside (aka #pdxcoffeeoutside) was at Poet’s Beach, the public beach under the west end of the Marquam Bridge in South Waterfront. It was just a five minute ride from the hotel, and on the way to work! There were somewhere between a dozen and twenty folks, and Wildflower Baking brought sweet potato focaccia! I also swung by Breakfast on the Bridges on the west end of the Tilikum Crossing. BonB has been going on since about 2002, setting up near a Willamette bridge most last Fridays and serving coffee and pastries to passing cyclists.
  • Saturday April 28: Grant Petersen, main man of Rivendell Bicycle Works was in town at Rivelo. I stopped by, hung out with everyone while Grant gave a demonstration of that fancy tape and twine bar wrap he’s into. Also, on the way to work I flatted the rear of the Raleigh Superbe. When I took off the wheel, I noticed how worn the rear tire, a Panaracer Col de la Vie, was. Damn, no wonder why the tire had been feeling “weird” for awhile. Well, I got about two years of use out of it, and thankfully I have a spare tire at home, so I fixed the flat for the ride over to Emee’s house.
  • Sunday April 29: After a lazy morning into afternoon, Emee and I headed over to my house so I could swap bikes, as I was in no mood to swap tires today. I pulled out the Bantam, and we rode towards St. Johns to get dinner. And what happens? Of course, I flat. A nice industrial looking clip pierced the so-supple tire. We got food and opted to take the bus home, as I was in no mood for another flat fix.

Okay, just a few more days until we head west to Minneapolis!

*Yes, indoor lodging counts!

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