That camping itch.

It’s been awhile. If you don’t count the cabin camping trip to Stub Stewart that Emee and I went on in December, it’s been exactly six months since I loaded my bike with camping gear and ridden to a campground. Yes, it’s been half a year since Todd B and I went to Battle Ground Lake. While those of you who may be digging out from a snowstorm (and waiting for the next one to come) can’t even fathom the idea of sleeping outside right now, the weather here is definitely more conducive to pitching a tent.

And man, I really would like to go camping, like, now. But that ain’t going to happen. I could have gone last week, but I was still getting over a cold. I could be camping during my days off this week, but I am currently manager on duty, so I need to be on call and available. (As it was, I almost had to go into work Tuesday morning on my day off.) Next week? One of my days off has the Three Speed Ride, which will be fun, but will also mean I won’t have the time.  That leaves April 29-30 as a possible window. After that, the next few weeks I’ll be out of town for the Lake Pepin Three Speed Ride. That will be heaps of fun, but not camping. So, late May? At least I know for sure I’ll be camping the first weekend of June, but that feels like an eternity from now.

Of course, it doesn’t help when I go online and see the awesome bike camping/touring adventures others are having, like Pondero. It’s hard to not get jealous and want to get out there now. Then that pesky life/health/work thing gets in the way.

What is it about sleeping outside that makes me this way? 😀

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  1. I hate to pour fuel on the fire, but since you referenced my recent trip…and since it sounds like you (most definitely) have ramblin’ on your mind…

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