Heading to Pepin again!

I’ve made hints at various points, and in various places over the past few months. But I didn’t want to make an “official” post until everything was, well, official. But now I can announce it: I am heading out to Minnesota in May to participate in the annual Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour!

I’ve been thrice before: 2014, 2015, and 2016. I took last year off. Much of the mechanics of the trip will remain the same since I’ve been going,  like a train trip to and from St. Paul via Amtrak’s Empire Builder, three days in Minneapolis, and a visit to Red Wing Boots so I can pose next to the World’s Largest Boot.

But there are a couple things that are different this year:

  1. Emee is coming along! Yay! This is the first time I’ll be travelling with someone else. It’s so much better when it’s with your girlfriend. 😀
  2. We’ll be taking the sleeping car both ways. I’ve generally taken Coach on every long distance train ride, though 2016 marked the first time I ever took a sleeper, when I took one on the way to Pepin. (I took Coach back.) Last year, I took the sleeper on the return from the Bay Area on the Coast Starlight. Such luxury!

Are you heading out to Lake Pepin, or are you in the Twin Cities? Let me know, maybe we can hang!

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  1. that looks like a fun event I have read a few ride reports, including yours I think, that make it sound like a worthwhile ride, Enjoy.

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