Sick, again.

After such a bustling March, it was inevitable: I came down with a good, good cold. It’s been a week, and this virus is still lingering. So I’ve had to slow things down. Today I had plans of camping, but with my health still not 100%, it’s not going to happen. Plus, the weather is going to be crap.

I did still lead Portland’s Tweed Ride on Sunday April 8th. Despite a dire forecast, the weather gods smiled and we had a dry and fairly mild day. About 40 folks showed up (it would have been bigger if the forecast hadn’t been so bad) and I led them from Alberta Park in NE to Laurelhurst Park in SE.

If there’s one good thing about a week of sick, it’s the opportunity to catch up. March featured a trip every weekend, so it was hard to get anything done. Now I’ve had down time to finish things up. I finally got all the details sorted out with Three Speed Adventure April and am working on things like patches and buttons. I’m also sorting out travel plans for the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour in May.

The weather has alternated from dreadful to dreamy. Monday April 9 was the latter, our first 70F day here. I managed to get a Sunset Burrito Club. It was also my first time displaying bare feet outside this year. Summer is coming…

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