Quite the March, or, why this blog has been quite quiet.

Hello, friends! The month of March is almost over, and it’s been quite the month for me. I managed to leave town for every “weekend!”* Where did I even go?

  1. March 3-5: Emee and I headed south to Chiloquin (30 miles north of Klamath Falls) and Crater Lake.
  2. March 9-12: I headed solo to Seattle to ride Seattle Randonneurs 100 km Spring Populaire.
  3. March 16-19: Emee and I travelled north to La Conner, WA for the Dandy Daffodil Tweed Ride. We then headed via ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island for a little r ‘n’ r.
  4. March 26-28: Despite thinking three weekends in a row was enough, Emee and I decamped to Eastern Oregon, staying in the lovely Balch Hotel in tiny Dufur (15 miles south of The Dalles), and doing a ride on the Deschutes River Trail.

So much stuff! My month was filled with either being out of town, or getting ready to go out of town. As such, many things didn’t get done that I wanted/liked to do.** Namely, writing about all these adventures (save the first) here on the blog.

Don’t worry, as the next week or two will be relatively chill, I hope to file reports on all these adventures soon. In the meantime, you can always check out my flickr and instagram streams, as I post photos as these things happen.

So what’s up for the near future?

  • Well, April is upon us, so Three Speed Adventure April is almost here! I’m still finalizing the details, which will happen by the 1st. Full registration will be live. In the meantime, don’t panic!
  • That also means there should be a Three Speed Ride happening soon. I will be posting details shortly.
  • Filmed By Bike is having a poster show featuring all of the posters over the years since starting in 2003. The opening reception is on 4:30 to 7 PM on Wednesday April 4 at Breadwinner Cafe, 2323 N Williams Ave. I did the posters from 2005 to 2007, so I will be there. You should stop by! Otherwise, it’s up the whole month.

So, expect some more action here soon!

*In quotations because often my “weekends” don’t fall on Saturday/Sunday.

**I did manage to get my laundry done. You’re welcome!

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