Coffee Outside, 2 Feb 2018

Well, the groundhog must have seen its shadow on Friday February 2nd, because I went to Coffee Outside!

Yes, Portland Coffee Outside has been running for almost two years now, every Friday morning at 7 am.* I’ve been to it many a time, as has been well documented here or on my Instagram. But I don’t go as often as I’d like. Last time I went was in November. There’s several factors in play for my paltry attendance, besides the fact that I Am Not A Morning Person: the location of the event (ever-changing, only announced on Thursday), the location of where I’ll be that Thursday night, whether I work at 8 AM or 3 PM on Friday. I’m less likely to hit up a Coffee Outside at Wallace Park in NW if I’m staying at Emee’s on Thursday night and working at the Hostel in the morning; it’s too far out of the way and I’d have like fifteen minutes to hang out.

But sometimes things line up just so. On February 2nd, I was staying at Emee’s and working at the hostel, but Coffee Outside was at Laurelhurst Park, which is in between both! I couldn’t not stop at Coffee Outside, since I ride through the park on the way to work.

And Coffee Outside was a-buzz with folks. The numbers have not dwindled this winter, in fact they’ve increased since summer! There was about fifteen people there by the time I arrived (late) at 7:45 AM,**many I had not seen before. It doesn’t hurt that the weather was nice, 50’s and dry. (January has been a very mild month, especially in comparison to iceberg-forming January 2017.***) And since there’s so many people now, i didn’t even have to worry about making my own coffee! Someone offered to make me a cup. Now, normally I do bring my own kit, but didn’t this time, so it was nice.

I spent only a few minutes since I technically was supposed to be to work at 8. It was nice seeing some folks I hadn’t in awhile. Now I just need to get to another one…

*There was a couple month lull last winter, though.

**Which meant I missed the hash browns being made.

***Which explains the break last winter.


3 thoughts on “Coffee Outside, 2 Feb 2018

  1. It is encouraging to see some of these more popular pre-work coffee outside gatherings. I wish we could gain some momentum down here in Fort Worth. I guess I’ll either need to keep it on a regular schedule, find someone more popular to get the word out, or both. I sure would like to share a cup or two with you sometime and catch up a bit.

  2. I coffeeneur and even have a new place I want to try but I have never done the coffee outside thing, really need to try it. I have all the stuff so there is really now excuse.

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