The bike I almost bought, or Bike Crazy Part Umpteen

Currently the Urban Adventure League fleet stands at five bicycles. A large number for some, though paling in comparison to others. Five is near the upper limit of comfortability for me, as I like to keep them maintained. More than that and it becomes hard. But of course, that's not to say I wouldn't like... Continue Reading →

Move by Bike, 25 Feb 2018

On Sunday Emee and I participated in a good ol' fashioned Portland style Move By Bike. What is that, you asked? Well, it is what it sounds like: move house via bicycle rather than truck or van. Since no known cargo bike is going to have the hauling capacity of a UHaul, it's a group... Continue Reading →

The unexpected late season snow

Portland's snows are usually not big, and not frequent. We had snow around Christmas that lingered for a couple days. Since then, we hadn't seen snow, and temps got pretty mild, even scraping 60F/16C. But this last week, it got cold, and the unlikely happened: it snowed again. In the past seventeen years here, the... Continue Reading →

Coffee Outside, 2 Feb 2018

Well, the groundhog must have seen its shadow on Friday February 2nd, because I went to Coffee Outside! Yes, Portland Coffee Outside has been running for almost two years now, every Friday morning at 7 am.* I've been to it many a time, as has been well documented here or on my Instagram. But I... Continue Reading →

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