Riding Back Towards Wellness

It’s been a quiet week around here. That’s because I’ve been sick. I started feeling ill on Tuesday the 9th. It was the classic flu, with all its classic symptoms like headache, aches, cough, congestion, fever, nausea.

I spent a few days primarily in bed, not necessarily sleeping, but in that sickly in between state, wallowing in my own sense of despair and melancholy. I thought I was well enough to go to work one day, but really wasn’t so it probably pushed me back more than help. Each day started out with me being the same sick I was the day before. I started to wonder: Would I ever get better?

Of course, things like the flu typically end, and Sunday saw me turning the corner. I still wasn’t healed, and felt a bit blah, but it was a marked improvement. Things started to feel positive. If there’s one thing I can appreciate about sickness is how you feel–not just physically, but mentally and spiritually–one it starts to subside. I wanted to enjoy life again, be out in the world.

Now I wasn’t going to go overboard. But I wanted to go outside. It didn’t hurt that the weekend was a real nice one, sun and temps in the high 50’s F, very springlike. Why not go for a bike ride?

I decided to roll down to the Slough, since it was close by. And if I started to feel down, I could get home quick. The ride was nothing new or spectacular by my standards, but a good soul-affirming ramble. I hit up favorites like Columbia Children’s Arboretum, the little slough by Heron Lakes Golf Course, the path and bridge by the wastewater plant. The mountains were resplendent in snow and there were other folks enjoying nature.

I rolled home right around dark, after stopping by the market. My Robin Hood doesn’t have a cyclocomputer, and I don’t use Strava, so I didn’t keep track of distance while riding. But mapping it later, I realize that I did about 17 miles! Wow! A bit more than I thought I was doing–and probably a few miles more than I should have, owing to my health. But I survived with no adverse effects.

I’m still getting over this sickness, but it won’t be long before I can enjoy life to the fullest again.

5 thoughts on “Riding Back Towards Wellness

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  1. Once with similar illness I had reached the end of my allowed self certified period of sickness. I decided that I was too sick and clogged up to work and chose to cycle to my doctor for a sick note. His office was now on the other side of town since I had moved, an easy ride down into the centre but a good pull up on the other side. As I searched up and down a long street trying to remember where he worked I “removed” most of the congestion. Seems he had retired some years previously!
    This years congestion sadly has not responded so well to bike treatment…

  2. Get well soon sir! I took my daughter to get a flu shot this weekend as her Mom is freaking out over the flu going around. I also took advantage of the sunny weather here in Seattle to get out on the bike for a couple short rides so nice to be outside without the grey and damp.

  3. Glad you’re on the mend. Same story here. Sick for a week. Yesterday was first day back on the bike (other than short trips to store and a meeting) in nearly 2 weeks. I planned to only ride a couple miles being a little fearful of breathing in such cold air but I so enjoyed being outside I kept telling myself a little longer, a little longer. And just like you I got home and mapped out my ride and was surprised I’d been out for just over 16 miles.

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