Society Goals for 2018

Society Of Three Speeds

Welcome to 2018, friends! Another year, another blank slate. 2018 will mark five years since Society of Three Speeds started (though I started doing Three Speed Rides in 2011.) There’s definitely some cool things I want to accomplish this year.

First up, the elephant in the room: Yes, I am very much slacking in the wrapping up of the 2017 challenges. I still need to compile the winners of the October 2017, and then get the awards for that challenge and the April one. I still need to actually create these prize packs. Have patience. I will have it done by spring.

Same thing goes for new Society of Three Speeds memberships. It’s been a couple years since I ran out of Version 1.0 of the membership pack. I still need to create the spiffy new membership packs! Like the challenge prizes, expect to see something in spring.

Challenges: Despite…

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Looking forward to 2018

Hello friends. As you saw in a previous post, 2017 was actually pretty decent for me, despite the dire state of world affairs. I did a lot of interesting things, travelled via most known modes of transportation (sorry, no horses), and most importantly, I found love. And I hope that 2018 can be, if not... Continue Reading →

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