Retro-Grouch Shaving Dept. (Reprise)

I mentioned this in a post last week, but since it's been so dead at work, I've been spending hours "binge-reading" years worth of my old blog posts. Not because I'm vain, just because it's sometimes fun to relive one's past and see what I was up to in 2014. Anyways, I came across this... Continue Reading →

Just like falling off a bike!

I'll be 43 in August. I've used a bicycle as my primary means of transportation since moving to Portland 17 years ago. As an adult cyclist, I consider myself to be lucky: I have never gotten into a bike vs car crash. Yes, there have been close calls, but no contact. Yes, a lot of... Continue Reading →


Yes! Meet me at 11 AM tomorrow, Sunday January 21st at Five Points Coffee, SE Division and 35th Place. I will promise a ride under 10 miles exploring the palms and other interesting trees in SE/NE. I can’t promise that we’ll be dry, so come prepared!

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