A new issue of New Old Stock! And buttons are back in the store.

Hello folks! Two years in the making, I have finally gotten around to releasing the newest NEW OLD STOCK comic! Yep, another comic about my idiosyncratic bicycle life.

You’ve seen scattered comix here and on my flickrs and Instagrams over the years, so hopefully you have an idea of what to expect. Or maybe I should let Nicholas (Gypsy By Trade) Carman explain? Yes, lets!

“(Shawn Granton) rides blissfully slow, is clothed as if Grant Petersen went on a shopping spree at Goodwill, and documents his bicycle travel as a subterranean un-superhero. He rides to comic conventions and cross-country and does nothing spectacular except visit friends and drink coffee and pedal. Yet, he is the perfect antidote to almost everything in the cycling world, and even considers himself a caricature of it all. His real superpowers are pencil and paper, and his cause are people on bicycles.

“(His comics) are a must-read for anyone who: enjoys Jan Heine’s Bicycle Quarterly or the evangelism of Grant Peterson, but rides a bike made in Taiwan or made of Hi-Tensile steel; appreciates the humor of Bike Snob NYC, but stopped reading a long time ago; or considers the bicycle a way of life and wishes for a more bikeable future.”

Anyways, I got them up on my store at Storenvy. $4 plus shipping will get you one. I ship anywhere in the world, appropriate postage charged.

And after a long hiatus, I have finally restocked my buttons too! Seventeen different designs, one inch buttons expertly made by Button Arcade in Portland. You can get the themed sets of five like Three Speed, Women on Bikes, or Men on Bikes. Or you can mix and match your own set of five. All five packs are $4 plus shipping.

And yes, yes, I will have Society of Three Speeds memberships back in 2018. Stay tuned, and thank you for your support!

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