What I did on my end-of-summer vacation.

I had eleven days off between Sunday September 17 and Wednesday September 27. Normally, I’d go on a bike tour, but as you may have read previously, with much of the state seemingly on fire and wet weather in the forecast for the first half of that time, I jettisoned any grand ambition of a big tour.

So, this vacation became more a “staycation” than anything else. Gawd, I hate that term, and have avoided doing that, since if I’m going to take off a block of time, I better get out of Dodge! But y’know? It wasn’t so bad this time, mostly because I got a lot of stuff done at home. My “to do” lists had been getting longer and longer as the summer progressed, and it was good to actually scratch stuff out. Most notably I got everything set up for Three Speed October, which I had been slacking on for awhile. Also, Steve M and I worked on a special bike project, one which had been languishing for awhile.

But I did get to go out of town! Emee and I high-tailed it out to the Columbia Gorge for one day, because she needed to work an event at Skamania Lodge. Despite the fires that had consumed the Gorge just a week previous, things were much better out there by September 22. Then we headed north to Lake Cushman on the southeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula to spend a couple nights at a friend’s lake house.

From there, I had planned to do an abbreviated bicycle tour around the Olympic Peninsula. But when the morning dawned (Monday Sept 25) I wasn’t feeling that hot and it was raining. And I had foolishly believed the long-range forecast of no rain when I packed my bike up several days previous; I only had a bivvy sack with me. I decided to scuttle the tour and head home to work on more stuff.

The weather did improve, and on the last day of my vacation, Wednesday September 27, I did a quick overnight bike camping trip to Oxbow Park. It was fun, though now that the nights are getting long so I got to the park right when the sun set. And it was a bit lonely that night.

Now we’re slouching towards winter, and summer typed vacations are done. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be more fun coming up…

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