A ho-hum Coffeeneuring 2017 Ride 5, plus Sunset Burrito Club. Mon 30 Oct

Oh, challenges. There's always the urge to make every ride in a challenge "epic", unique, cool, or interesting. If not that, make it a misadventure, something comic, something that you'll laugh at after it's done, or at least learn something from. But the mediocre installment of a challenge? What fun is that? But mediocre is... Continue Reading →

East Portland Cemeteries Ride this Sunday October 29!

Yes friends, the next Urban Adventure League ride will happen Sunday October 29 at 1:30 PM. Come explore at least four and possibly five different East Portland Cemeteries with me! Meet at Parkrose Sumner TC (near “the bridge”), we’ll depart at 2 PM on a 12 or so mile ride exploring at least four and... Continue Reading →

Rainy day viewing…

I never got around to posting these vids to the blog, so thanks to Grass Up The Middle for doing it! 🙂

Grass up the middle CC

I stumbled upon these little gems this morning!

Well worth a few minutes of your time.

There are actually 4 parts to this BBC Scotland documentary, but unfortunately I could only find the first 2. If I manage to locate the rest of it I shall update this post.

Filmed in 1971 it follows ‘mechanised tramp’ Bill Houston, celebrating 25 years of cycle touring.


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