Mark yer calendars: Three Speed October is happening Oct 1st through Nov 5th. First, here’s what’s different in 2017.

Society Of Three Speeds

It’s just a week and a half until Society of Three Speeds will be holding our annual fall (or spring, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) challenge! Some of you may have completed it last year (thanks!) and some of you will be totally new. Full details will be published on the blog by this Friday, September 22nd. So hold your horses–er, three speeds!

First off, the Three Speed October Challenge will happen from Sunday October 1st through Sunday November 5th, 2017. Five full weeks to complete the challenge. The basics will remain the same: Ride your three speed, three times a week, for three weeks, each trip at least three miles.

So here’s what’s different:

  • Forms and online registration. It was too much a pain in the ass to look at flickr, or Instagram, or a blog to keep tabs on everyone’s progress. So this year, there will…

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One thought on “Mark yer calendars: Three Speed October is happening Oct 1st through Nov 5th. First, here’s what’s different in 2017.

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  1. Sean I looked for a tweed ride here in Sacramento and found Sacramento Tweed Ride 2017 on Facebook with an accompanying video. I watched the video and noticed quite a bit of tweed and ladies dressed for that era. It looks like maybe 50 or more people are on the ride on all types of bicycles. There is a very active after dark bike parade scene here with all types and groups of people coming together for evening/night rides with their bikes all festooned with lights. Some bikes carry serious boomboxes, all kinds of custom bicycles. By custom I mean not racers but other genre’s. Check out their website and see if any ideas are worth using. Most of this scene is centered around downtown and midtown Sacramento.

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