Another one of those “stop gap posts” to say that I’m still alive because I’ve just been too damn busy, in a good way, though.

IMG_20170801_100746-01Hello friends. It’s August already? Wow, how this summer has flown by. It’s been a really busy summer for me, which is good. But busy means I haven’t really had time to sit down and write something substantial for this blog in a long, long time.

That’s the “problem” with blogs. It’s better for long-form writing (well, longer form writing), where I can lay out a synopsis of my trip and my thoughts and feelings from it. It’s harder for the in-the-moment stuff. That’s where things like Instagram and flickr come in handy. I urge you to check these out if you want a daily dose of what I’m doing. And I can do flickr/Instagram easily with mobile devices. I’ve tried to blog using my phone and my mostly-useless tablet, but anything beyond a few paragraphs is a chore. Until I get a nice new laptop that’s more portable than my wheezing circa 2009 Netbook (gasp!) I have to do my blogging either at home on my said netbook, or on my work computer. And I’m not always at either…

And yep, this summer has been busy. Looking back at the past summer or two, this one has been pretty packed. I end up doing things two out of my three “weekends”, with the other one for “chilling out and doing laundry”.  And when I’m not going out of town or working, I’ve been hanging out with my new and awesome girlfriend, Emee!

So what’s happened since the last time I spoke?

  • Well, I did do that Bellingham and San Juan Islands trip from July 13 through 17. It didn’t turn out as planned, turning into a more “traditional” bike camping trip, but that’s okay. I camped at both Shaw and Lopez Islands, and also spent a nice day in Bellingham.
  • The following weekend (July 22-24), I went out to the coast again! My friends organized a big bike camping expedition out to Cape Lookout, which happens to be my favorite coastal campground. I took the bus out on Saturday, camped the night with friends, and rode back over two days back to Portland via the quiet and scenic Nestucca River Road.

I hope to write about these trips plus my June tour in more detail…soon. (Fingers crossed.)

So, what’s going to happen?

  • This coming weekend (August 4 through 8) Emee and I are going to drive north (with bikes) and do some camping! We’ll also hit the coast, staying one night at my other favorite campsite on the coast, Cape Disappointment. We’ll also spend a day in Astoria!
  • The following weekend should have some bike camping too!
  • The following week is that eclipse thing. I may hide under a rock.
  • At the end of the month, I’m supposed to go on my first ever backpacking trip! Yep, my friend Steve is going with me to the Indian Heaven Wilderness north of us in Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Should be fun!
  • And I’m still planning by other big bike tour of the year, which will happen at the end of September. My plan is to do something in Southern Oregon which will hopefully incorporate parts of the coast and Crater Lake!
  • I’m still working on leading some bike rides. I still want to do it, but Pedalpalooza burns me out and I don’t want to overburden myself, esp. since I’ve been doing so much other stuff. I’d still like to do another Sunset Moonrise ride or two, and maybe another Chehalem Range Ramble?
  • Oh yeah, Three Speed October is just a couple months away!

Okay, hope everyone is having a good summer!

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  1. Indian Heaven is gorgeous. Keep an eye out for the huckleberry bushes…I did a quick overnight with the dog up there last year and there were thousands (not kidding) bushes with berries.

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