Touringish plans for late spring and early summer

Hello friends, even though it’s still oh-so-damp outside, better weather is just around the corner. And now it’s time for me to start thinking about all those bike tours and camping trips I want to do.  I haven’t done much this year so far, just the camping trip in January to Battle Ground Lake and the February cabin trip at Stubb Stewart. (Well, I guess compared to those in colder climes who don’t camp in the snow, I guess I’ve done a bit. 😉  )

I managed to snag a three-day weekend on the first weekend of May. Providing that the weather isn’t complete crap, I’d like to get out to the coast! It’s been awhile (a year!) since I saw the Pacific. Wait, no, I did see the Pacific when I was in the Bay Area. No, it’ll be the first time I’ve been to the Oregon Coast in a year. I may just go out to Cape Lookout, as it’s fairly easy, and beautiful. And man, my time in the Bay Area reminded me of my big Pacific Coast tour in 2006. I need to explore more of that soon…
And as consolation prize for not going to Pepin in May, I snagged a full week off in early June. Where to? Well, I’ve been hankering to go back to Eastern Oregon again, the vast expanse of the state east of the Cascades.* It’s been awhile since I biked out that way, and things like my December work retreat to Smith Rock has wetted my appetite for the dry side, so to speak. But Eastern Oregon is a pretty vast region. Where exactly? Well, my train trip to California made it clear: start in Klamath Falls, since it’s easy to take Amtrak there. From K Falls, I could incorporate sections of the famed Oregon Outback bikepacking route. I’d also like to see some of the big endoheric lakes down that way, and it’s high time to see Newberry Crater too. A lot to tackle in a week. I’ll be refining my plans over the next couple months, and figuring out if I loop back to Klamath Falls, or end elsewhere like Bend or Eugene. Stay tuned.

I also managed to snag an extended weekend off in mid-July. This is reserved for going up north of Seattle again, some of it for doing a bit of the San Juans (most likely just Lopez, my favorite island) and for a special event in the Skagit Valley.

After that, I really hope to do a backpacking adventure this year. Yes, backpacking! While I’ve bike toured a metric crap-ton of times, I’ve never just gone out into the woods with a pack strapped to back. Hopefully, this year will be different.

And besides more camping adventures scattered throughout the summer, I plan to take another week-or-more long tour in September. I just need to figure out where…

*Some may argue that there is two zones east of the Cascades, Central and Eastern Oregon. But to us wet, er, west siders, it’s all Eastern! 😛