20% off sale extended until March 15, and a note about sales.

wp-1488861292080.jpgHello friends! I have decided to continue my 20% off sale a little while longer. From now until March 15, you can get 20% off ANYTHING in my store. This includes pre-orders and the Postcard Club! Simply use the discount code IDESOFMARCH in the checkout. (20% off is not valid for shipping rates.)

And this will probably be the last time I will offer a percentage off sale, since after the 15th Storenvy (my web store provider) will require me to pay a monthly fee to create discount codes. I don’t do enough business to justify that, at least not at this time. I will most likely offer sales on individual items, just not an across the board sale.

And now is a good time to make a purchase, as in the next couple months I’ll be revisiting the prices on my comics and zines. Most likely a few of them will go up. The reality is that inflation has happened in the five to ten years since I initially priced some of them. I don’t intend to get rich selling zines, but don’t want to go broke, either. And I’d like to do a bit more than just cover my costs.

And honestly, I’ve always undersold my stuff. Part of this comes from my “punk rock zine” background. When I started making mini-comics twenty (yeesh) years ago, one dollar was as much as you could charge something without getting grief from someone, and you still could get grief.* (They’d only allow you to charge $2 if it was nicely printed or 100 pages long.) Now? I see people sell zines that are the same size as mine for at least double what I charge, if not more. I want to keep my prices fair, but also don’t want to undersell my work.

In any case, if you feel like supporting my work, now is a good a time as ever to do so! And thank you for your support.

And you can find all my stuff at my store.

*A review of my first-ever comic, TEN FOOT RULE #1, complained about my dollar price tag, which the critic felt was “too much” for what it was, though they overall liked it.


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