Letter Writing Month is Back!

img_20170202_190142_755.jpgHello friends! In the past, I was a pretty active participant in Letter Writing Month. What’s that? It’s simple. Here are the “official rules” from the website:

  1. In the month of February, mail at least one item through the post every day it runs (which in the US is every day except Sundays and Washington’s Birthday on Monday February 20th- my notes.) Write a postcard, a letter, send a picture, or a cutting from a newspaper, or a fabric swatch.
  2. Write back to everyone who writes to you. This can count as one of your mailed items.

I started doing Letter Writing Month in 2012, and kept it up for every year except 2016. (You can read all the reports here.) And I want to do it again this year! Do you want to get a postcard or letter from me? (More than likely it will be a postcard.) It is simple: write me and I’ll write you back. (And it pains me to say this but: You will need to provide a return address so I can mail you back! ) There’s no need to ask me if it’s “OK to write”, just do it! I will also automatically write the first three people who contact me with their mailing address, either via a comment (I will not publish your address) or emailing me at urbanadventureleague@gmail.com Of course, this is not a one way street, so if I do write you, please write me back!

And where can you send that mail?


P O BOX 14185

PORTLAND OR 97293-0815

Okay, one last comment from the official website:

“When I write back, I find that I slow down and write differently than I do with an email. Email is all about the now. Letters are different, because whatever I write needs to be something that will be relevant a week later to the person to whom I am writing. In some ways it forces me to think about time more because postal mail is slower. “By the time you get this…” It is relaxing. It is intimate. It is both lasting and ephemeral.”

Okay, get out your pens and typewriters, and start writing!


5 thoughts on “Letter Writing Month is Back!

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  1. I have just written a two and a half page email to a friend…

    Have you seen the price of a stamp these days, who would have thought that the postal system would be one to breakdown…?

    1. Um, yeah, I do know how much a stamp costs these days. I do write a bit o’ mail, y’know? 😉

      The reason why the cost of a first class letter has risen so much is because people mail a hell of a lot less letters these days. Do you get your bills in the mail or online? They really only make money through packages (more people get stuff sent through the mail, just not letters) and all those flyers and ads that you throw into the recycling bin as soon as you get it.

      But really, when you think about it, the fact that the Postal Service will still deliver your one ounce letter to anywhere in the US for just 47 cents (and that came down from 49!) is a bit mind-boggling. But they deliver less letters because folks would rather type a two and a half page email and hit send. Because it’s free, right?

      And that person might read that email once, forget about it, or immediately delete it. If you wrote that person an actual letter, they may hold onto it for years. It will have your actual handwriting. It may serve as a memento of your life after you leave this earth.

      That email? Probably not.

      If anything, writing an actual postcard or letter and sending it through the mail shows a higher level of commitment. You took the time to sit down and write something by hand, and then spent either 35 cents (postcard) or 47 cents (letter) to get it to them. And it might be cool stationery or a nice scene in the postcard.

      So, did you come here to ask me to mail something to you, or just complain about the price of stamps? 😉

      1. Sorry for hitting such a sore nerve. Clearly the US postal service has not crumbled like the european services. I handed my niece at ten euro not when she was going to the post office and asked for ten stamps for postcards, she returned with nine stamps and ten cents change! Euro and Dollar about on par. I used to be self employed using the post on a daily basis and it was ultra reliable and reasonably priced, I could post something out at 5pm. and be confident that the time I would deliver to my clients was 100% reliable and predictable. Latterly it all went to hell and work started to vanish in transit too. Price was suddenly determined by class, weight, thickness and length even for small items so you could no longer buy a sheet of stamps and post into boxes but had to queue to have each and every item measured and paid for at ever increasing prices. Retirement could not come fast enough. My comment about stamp cost was meant to be lighthearted but was instigated by wondering how much a month of letter writing might cost.

        I guess that my free emails actually cost me quite a lot when the cost of being online is taken into account so the more emails I write the more economical it feels. I have a long list of mailboxes for family and various circles of friends, each opens into a long list of names with our entire correspondence history in date order. Do not expect me to find any similar paper items in this house… What you will find is reams of paper bills, reliance on unsecured internet by incompetent businesses could be the death of us all, resistance may not be futile if we hang on in.

        I quite understand the special pleasure of holding an item posted by a friend and in the past have had pleasure in sending something to people who never expected to ever receive something through the post.

        I especially took pleasure in sending postcards long after they became unfashionable. To be quite honest, being dyslexic a post card is about as much as I can risk. Spill chicker has saved me and now I can send infinitely long letters and never have to pick up a quill pen.

        Having pondered your post whilst I was out for a few hours I had decided to launch a postcard in your direction and was still considering what could be written on first contact with a person a continent and ocean away, I had also pondered the frisson of interest when a card from so far away arrived as part of your month.

        Forgive me if sensing a degree of hostility in your reply was wrong but that is what I sensed and to send a card now would also feel wrong. Then again my local post office has closed and it would have been a while before I found one to buy a stamp…

        1. Sorry, just a bit crabby since I’m working 14 hours today, not necessarily by choice. But I am a bit sensitive about the whole postal biz. I do like mail (hence me doing all this), post my PO Box on all my web presences, etc. I like to keep the post alive. Yeah, it sounds like other countries postal services have taken a slide. The US has gone down, too, but maybe not as much as other places. But this is the reality in this digital world. It’s not just post, it’s bookstores, record stores, other stores. I guess I’m trying to do my part.

          Looking forward to that postcard!

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