Sick and ice. (And sick of ice?)

It’s shaping up to becoming “one of those winters”. While those with a short attention span (or haven’t been here that long) are saying this is the “snowiest winter ever”, it has seen its share of snow. And it’s not exactly about quantity of snow, as most of the snows have been fairly small (see my last sentence), it’s about the frequency of snow. As I write this, we are seeing our fourth snow event since about December 8 when it all started. And the last event was just on Saturday and Sunday, so we really haven’t had any relief.

While I do like some snow from time to time, this is not the type of “real winter” I like. I like having some snow that you can do something with, not a light layer that lingers for far too long. And the worst part of it all is the ice. Ice is no fun, unless its a frozen lake you can walk across. Sure, you can bike on ice if you have studded tires. But I don’t hear people wax poetically about biking on ice in the same way that they do about fat biking across snow. That’s because ice biking is tolerable at best, downright dangerous at worst.

So it hasn’t been a helluva lot of fun around here since I got back from Vancouver. While it was cold but dry upon my homecoming, I promptly got sick with a good cold. I was layed up at home for two days. Then the snow/ice storm hit. The ice didn’t thaw until Monday afternoon. So since Thursday night I have been off the bike.

Tuesday was fairly okay, damp and cold but no snow and ice. So I decided to get out there for a moment on the Raleigh Superbe. While the ride itself was nothing epic or spectacular (pretty much my standard cruise through North Portland) it did feel good to get on a bike after being off for the better part of a week.

And even though it had been barely 24 hours since the snow/ice had melted, it seemed like a lifetime ago. Portland’s perma-green was present everywhere. This is why I like Portland’s typical winter. While the damp and grey gets to some people (and even me after awhile), we do live in pretty damn temperate climate, where freezing temps aren’t generally the norm in the winter. To lift up my mood a bit, I passed by some palms, magnolias, eucalyptus, and of course madronas, our native broadleaf evergreen.

But that was just for today. Now it’s snowing again, and it looks like this will really be a good snow…


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